Forece 目前在一家ISP工作,公司提供 VOIP 电话服务,有客户过来问为什么不能拨打 311, 411, 511, 811 等特殊号码,其实这些3位数的号码是经过了一个呼叫转移来实现的,网上搜索了一下,这几个号码的实际号码其实都是类似于800免费服务电话。大家如果用 VOIP 无法拨打 311/411/511/811 等号码的话,不妨试一下。如果自己会配置ATA电话盒,那么直接配进去就可以直拨这些特殊号码了。



311 - 市政服务电话
411 - 类似国内的114查询电话,收费很贵,查一次1加币
511 - 路况信息查询
811 - 24/7在线护士服务,家里有小朋友的可能都打过

ATA 电话盒配置信息
For GrandStream ATA devices:


For Linksys ATA devices:


ATA 电话盒配置信息详解:
911S0| Emergency service provided by my VoIP provider. Dial immediately.
<311:5148720311>S0| Montreal’s information line, dial immediately.
<411:18005551212>S0| Phone directory services, dial immediately.
<511:18883550511>S0| Quebec 511 service, dial immediately.
<811:18003613977>S0| Quebec Info-Santé, dial immediately.
x11S0| Any other x-1-1 number not covered above will be dialed anyway, so that if my VoIP provider implements them in the future, they’ll work.
*xxS0| All star-x-x numbers are dialed. Obvious case is voicemail *98, but certain features could be supported too.
[2-9]xxxxxxxxxS0| All north american ‘”local” numbers, dialed immediately. This covers all free areas where my line has access to.
1xxxxxxxxxxS0| All of north america in long-distance (+1). Make sure you have a long distance plan to call those!
011xxxxxxxxxxxx.| International calls. Requires a minimum of 12 digits, preceded by 011. No immediate dial because the length is unknown.
1900x.!| BLOCK all 1-900 pay numbers.
1976x!| BLOCK all 1-976 numbers.