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之前一直都是通过邮寄支票的方式来获得加拿大的退税。前几年弄了 Direct Deposit 后就再也没收到过支票了。不知道大家知不知道加拿大的退税支票永不过期这件事?大家都知道普通支票一般都是6个月后,银行就拒收了。而加拿大的退税支票,是永不过期的。而且加拿大政府支票可以免费在任何一个银行取款,即使你没有在这个银行开户也可以免费取款。不过你在取款的时候需要出示一张有效证件。


Government of Canada cheques are never considered stale-dated. This means that you can cash them no matter how old they are. However, a financial institution may first want to verify that the cheque is legitimate, by contacting the federal government’s Cheque Redemption and Control Directorate.

If you are having a problem cashing an old federal government cheque, you can send it to the Cheque Redemption and Control Directorate at the following address and ask to have it reissued with a current date:

Cheque Redemption and Control Directorate
Returned Cheques
P.O. Box 2000
Matane QC
G4W 4N5




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