结果,这将近700字的大作就放在这里了,UP THE YANGTZE,讲的很真实,很感动,对中国的现状表示无奈~


Rich and Poor

The movie “Up the Yangtze” directed by Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Yung Chang talks about the situation after Chinese government decide to do the project of “The Three Gorges Dam”. In the movie, it shows differences between poor and rich. China wants to develop. However, it caused the gap between the rich and poor become widening. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Although the project is a good project, it causes more people poorer. Just as Cindy Yu Shui’s father says, “Maybe it is a good project; it is good for china’s economic. I am a peasant; a person who doesn’t know how to read and I don’t watch television, so I don’t know how to judge it.” Actually, that’s the real opinion for those poor people living near the Three Gorges Dam.


Cindy Yu Shui is a girl who is one of those poor people. The movie shows the process that how her family faces difficulties in the period. Yu Shui wishes to go to school. However, her family doesn’t have ability to afford any extra money for her study. It doesn’t mean that her parents do not want her to go to school. They really want their daughter to have a good life, but they can’t. They are not educated. In China, it means that you can not find a job. Right now, even a person who is graduated from university, it is also difficult for him to find a job. Because of the huge number of population, the competition is terrible for each person. Fortunately, Yu Shui finds her job. In a ship called “Victoria Queen”. Always foreigners take this ship to see the view on the Yangtze. Yu Shui is a dish-washer there. At first, she doesn’t understand her parents. She cries about her life. As a 16 years old girl, she should be in classroom. Even she is too young to take the responsibility for her family. She has to earn more money to send back to her family. She knows that there is no income after her family’s field is flooded. She is a good girl that she studies anything carefully. She knows that she can not go to the high school. Then she studies in the “society university”.


Jerry Chen Bo Yu is another main character in the movie. He is a boy who comes from a rich family. He also starts his first job in the ship “Victoria Queen”. He is different from Yu Shui. He is always proud of himself. As a rich person, He is arrogant. He looks down upon everything. For the purpose of earning more money, he decides not to work for those customers who give him less tips. As matter of fact, he has good performance during his work. However, nobody likes him. His co-workers don’t admit that he is one of them. When somebody compares him with Yu Shui, he is angry. He emphasizes that he is still young; his family has ability to support his spending. He can go to university, but he doesn’t recognize why he loses his job. Compared with Yu Shui, Jerry Chen Bo Yu doesn’t care about the project. It doesn’t matter for him. However, Yu Shui has to afford the money to her family. Her family has to leave the filed, which is the only thing they can rely on for their lives.


The Three Gorges Dam, gargantuan and hotly contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle. It solves electric problems of many cities. Difficulties among poor people are caused by the big gap between the rich and the poor. The development of China is so fast that poor people can not afford their lives. The other reason is that the project is too big to be carried out. So many officials defalcate from the project. It caused many poor people who complain for their lives and government. Those officials are black sheep in China.