The Day

I had been a normal day Yesterday since I have been Canada. I got up at 8:00. And then cook meal for me. Everybody was sleeping. After I had breakfast, I begin to play computer as usuall. Saw films, read novels and chating. Because of the Francais test on next TuESDAY. I met Chong at TimHouons. When I came there, he was calling me. Just 10 minutes later... I don't think he is boring. And then we began to review.. How can two men who always be absent at Francais class review clearly. So we got confused for many times.. By the way, I'm better than him.. haha. Who can told me how to use son, sa , ses.

I went to the buffet resturant at which  Xin work. So far away from home.. We get there by 33 Autobus. near the pizza hut...huuu.. Never get in that door..even in China. It's my next object. There was a traffic jam on the way to the resturant. we get down at Wal-Mart. Foolish Xin smoked outside and complained  why there were too many guests. Of course we don't care it. the only thing we considered  that is whether the food is delicious.  as we expected, the food is very delicious. Sushi with mustard is tasted very well AND I had seen big legs of crab. Because this is the first day i have 3 meals, So.. I'm too full... When i came out, the food stay at my throat.

Chong and me want to walk around Wal-Mart.. The fu cking wal-mart has been closed... shit..

And then i came back home ... What can i do? sleep...

And today I has an computer test.  It's easy for me.. I'm the first one who handed in.

By the way, Today I also live a normal life. 3 meals and wake up at 7:00

I must work today because i have no money in my purse..Get there, get salary, 21 dollars. Clear the bottles and put goods which are lack on racks. It took me 1 hour. And then i slept 6 hours. 2 deliveries today.. but tips are good..

When I FINISHED MY WORK.. MADAME ask me to quit from Communist Par ty.. And give me a display and a newspaper which told Communist Pa rty is an evil Organization. =_=!!  

That's all.. It's 22:44. I have to eat my dinner... I'm too hungry.

And then sleep..

By the way. The teleplay, Prison Break,which is introduced by Chong  is so interesting.. Thanks a lot.

See ya...

Ps: The reason why I wrote in English is my 101 has been failed again... shit.. 55%

why teacher don't give the rest of 5%!!